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IECC was founded in 2008 by a professional team of engineers and operates as one of the private design, construction and consulting company in Afghanistan. The company pursues a broad variety of projects, including design, construction and renovation of industrial and residential spaces, commercial offices, sports facilities, healthcare and educational institutions and public assembly areas.

For over three years, IECC has continuously and consistently provided design and construction services throughout the country. With each new project, IECC commitment to our clients is unchanged-competitive pricing, exceptional quality work and personal, professional design and construction services.

Year after year, our experiences and dedicated managers continue to deliver well build, successful projects and create enduring relationships with our clients. Our people set us apart, and represent our assurances that IECC will exceed your project expectations.

IECC prides itself on being a professional design, construction and consulting company in the country. We are proud that many of our projects are for “repeat clients” who come back to us for additional projects knowing they will receive superior quality and services with IECC.

The success of IECC is based on our ability to understand and exceed the building requirements of our clients in a professional, service-oriented manner with a dedication to superior quality and performance.

IECC has work with different clients, how can we help you?

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