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Design & Build projects

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Design Services

IECC offers full service design and engineering capabilities to meet the requirements of a wide array of project scopes.  IECC can design and engineer “from the ground up” or modify pre-engineered solutions that will fit the client’s budget and deliver the products and services that meet their needs.  Whether modular shelter configurations, wastewater treatment systems, water purification units, base camps, or construction projects, IECC is able to execute the design and engineering project phases necessary to ensure overall mission success.

Design/ Build

As a pioneer and leader in Design-Build heavy civil construction projects, IECC is at the forefront of the growing national wave of delivering highways, bridges, power plants, transit systems, dams, railroads, airports and tunnels using the Design-Build method. IECC Construction Company has partnered with teams that have built in Design-Build projects in the country.



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